Business Operations
13 Jul 2017

Why is Feedback Important?

The world that we inhabit today, is characterized most frequently by the relationship between consumers

18 Jan 2016

Top Recruitment Quotes on How Recruiting Drives Business

The foundation of every organization is based on the nature of people that are hired

19 May 2014

Entrepreneurship is not Easy – Five lessons from

No, I am not complaining. To live a life of my choosing and to do

31 Mar 2014

Five Ways the Cloud can rev up Operational

For the past year, I have been experimenting quite successfully in running my business through

20 Mar 2014

Five Thoughts through Five Favourite Quotes on Performance

Numbers tell stories – and metrics are the tools through which these stories get shape

08 Sep 2013

5 Quotes on Operational Excellence for Successful Business

Very few people have the ability to capture their thoughts into a few words –