Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Finance Operations


Bookkeeping (QuickBooks, Net Suite, Xero, Tally), Accounting, Payroll and HR Financial Software management (Expensify,, Zoho, etc), AP & AR management, Management Reporting, Metrics generation and monitoring, CFO Advisory services

Sales Operations


CRM management (Zoho, SugarCRM, SFDC), Central Sales Collateral Management, Opportunity qualification, Bid Management
Proposal Generation, Proposal Readiness Gating Process, Sales Compensation Management, Metrics: Win/Loss Ratios, Reusability%, Cost of Bid.

Business Operations


Order to Cash — Revenue Recognition Tracking, Collections, Dashboards Margin Improvement — Cost Controls and Productivity Improvements Special Business Initiatives Metrics: Revenue — Forecast vs. Actual (including unbilled, deferred, unearned), DSO. Productivity, Margin – Budget vs. Actual

Engineering Operations


Resource Planning – Budgeting, Forecasting and Tracking Bench optimization Resource Demand-Supply Balancing Hiring Optimization Competency Planning Pyramid management Program Management Office (Setup and support) Metrics: Efficiency, Utilization, Pyramid Ratios, Revenue Productivity

What We Do

OBOlinx Tech brings in expertise as your trusted Consulting partner for exceeding your business objectives through Excellence in Business Planning, Operations, Process Optimization and Performance Improvement.We work as a part of your team, with your team, and share your urgency like a true partner should.We deliver strategic and operational expertise ‘in precisely the right amount’ to address your specific needs, on your budget.

Management Consulting (BMO)

  • Create, track and monitor processes and objectives
  • Suggest and implement short-term course corrections
  • Plan and implement long-term improvement actions
  • Trigger a culture of responsiveness, accountability and excellence
  • Facilitate executive decision-making through insightful dashboards and Metrics

Revenue Management

Cash Flow


Billing, Collections, Payments (including managing contractor on boarding, timesheets, and payments, DSO and AR, system updates

Customer Satisfaction


Customer Collateral Creation, Proposal validation and vetting process, Offering Creation and Approval process, Opportunity Win/Loss Tracking, Competency Areas, Agreement Reviews, Quality Initiatives



Overall business dashboard : Revenue, CM, Productivity Engg : Efficiency, Utilization, Bench, Pyramid, Attrition, Competency Building : Proactive Hiring, Fresher Coverage, Training

Management Support


Management Support – Special Initiatives, Management reporting and Internal Communications


Cost Controls/Margin Improvement


Budget vs Actuals, Planning and implementation of improvement initiatives

Why Us

The OBOlinx Advantage


  • Management and technology expertise
  • Market and people insights
  • Best talent
  • Integrated delivery model
  • Global reach and financially stable

Customer’s Goals


  • Higher probability of success
  • Higher-quality service
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Top-line growth
  • Substantial cost savings