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18 Jan 2018

5 Small Investments you Can Make to Boost

Employee engagement is not just another buzzword or a metric that your organization needs to

24 Nov 2017

Gender Equity before Gender Equality – Why Women

What is Gender Equity? In one of our earlier posts, Implementing Gender Equality at the

27 Jul 2017

The Art of Firing – What’s the Best

A few weeks ago, the internet was breaking with how Tech Mahindra fired an employee-

29 Nov 2012

Five Skills Key to Successful Business Operations Management

You cannot be a good business leader unless you thoroughly understand the business operations in

08 Nov 2012

From Idea to Execution: Five Pointers to Getting

Don’t tell me why this is difficult to do, just go get this done ASAP

05 Aug 2012

Five Management or Leadership Styles that should be

Do you think that every work/office space should have a few punching bags around? Sometimes