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25 Apr 2018

Eliminating HR and Recruitment Bias with AI

Some of the biggest challenges in the field of recruitment stem from HR (Human Resources)

18 Jan 2018

5 Small Investments you Can Make to Boost

Employee engagement is not just another buzzword or a metric that your organization needs to

24 Nov 2017

Gender Equity before Gender Equality – Why Women

What is Gender Equity? In one of our earlier posts, Implementing Gender Equality at the

13 Jul 2017

Why is Feedback Important?

The world that we inhabit today, is characterized most frequently by the relationship between consumers

14 Jan 2016

Five Pointers to Make Your Business Proposal Stand

A Business Proposal or Sales Proposal is often the first strong knock on the doors

08 Sep 2013

5 Quotes on Operational Excellence for Successful Business

Very few people have the ability to capture their thoughts into a few words –