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The title of the post says it all, so let’s dive right into learning about some of the best job portals you should definitely check out when actively looking for a job. Monster  Monster is how it all began. This site is the one of the oldest  job portals in the world...

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Organizing your documents could seem tedious at first. Until you realize the benefits it has. What is the one common thing about everything that our modern day lives revolve around; be it seeking rental accommodation, admissions into university, or applying for jobs? It is the several documents that form...

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You are at the brink of stepping into the world of work, and suddenly there are all these tough and ‘adult’ decisions that need to be made for choosing your first job. There is a lot of pressure on you, when everyone around you seems to be saying ‘this...

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Applying for your first job is exciting, scary, intimidating, and stressful – all at the same time. You feel like ‘it’s now or never’ and that you need to secure a job at any cost! A first job will always be special, and one never forgets the entire process one...

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Whether it is an application for admissions into a university, for an internship or for a job, a recommendation letter or reference letter is a critical part of the process. These are especially important as they vouch for your character, as well as serve as a testimony to the skills you...

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Almost every Indian graduate knows how big a deal the campus recruitment process is. There is no reason why it should be such a big deal. Unfortunately, the social systems around us do not concur with this thought. Every fresher feels like this is it, this is the end...

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By: suchitra mishra On: March 21, 2016 In: Career, First Job, Resume Comments: 2

The very first thing that should be in place, when you start applying for jobs is your resume. If this is your first job application experience, writing a resume for the first time can get confusing – what to put in to your resume, what to leave out and which format to...

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By: suchitra mishra On: February 19, 2016 In: Career, Managing Yourself, World of Work Comments: 1

Why LinkedIn? Let us begin with some statistics. There are 332 million people on LinkedIn. Two new members join every second. There are 187 million monthly unique visitors. LinkedIn is currently used in over 200 countries and territories. It’s available in 20 languages. There are one billion total endorsements...

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By: suchitra mishra On: January 12, 2016 In: Career, Managing Yourself, Resume, World of Work Comments: 1

In the World of Work today, your LinkedIn profile is just as important as (and perhaps, even more than) your resume. Consider this – where else can you potentially reach out to more than 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories? Your LinkedIn profile is your online...

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