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The very first thing that should be in place, when you start applying for jobs is your resume. If this is your first job application experience, writing a resume for the first time can get confusing – what to put in to your resume, what to leave out and which format to...

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Virtual interviews are the norm today given the globalization of the world of work. We have put together a few pointers on acing telephonic or Skype interviews for you. Skype is a largely preferred medium for interviewing in the current times. Here are some interview tips for getting the process right! 1....

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If you land yourself an interview for your dream job, chances are (almost a 100%) the first round will be a telephonic interview, unless it is a walk-in. In this series of blog posts, we talk about e-interview etiquette and preparation required for skype/telephonic interviews. This one talks about...

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When appearing for an interview, most people hardly ever plan out for the interview before the big day. This is a tragic mistake for we all know preparedness is the key. When you go prepared for your job interview, it speaks volumes about your professionalism and your enthusiasm for the job. Here...

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There are some standard questions that are asked in most interviews. We have put together a series of posts to help you prepare for these interview questions and answer them like a boss.   “What do you know about our company?” Companies like to know that you took the...

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Continuing with the previous post about salary negotiation, we talk about bonuses, flexibility and the two super hit, tried and tested methods for negotiating your salary – the Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation method and the Jack Chapman Salary Negotiation Method. Regarding the Bonus At times, a large chunk of...

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