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11 Apr 2016

Declining a Job Offer after Accepting it ?

So what do you do when you’ve gone through the long process of recruitment, negotiation

05 Apr 2016

5 Things to Remember Before Asking For a

Whether it is an application for admissions into a university, for an internship or for

05 Jan 2016

How to Write the Perfect Resume – Your

Anytime is a good time to write the perfect resume. The beginning of the year

22 Dec 2015

Beware: 5 Social Media Mistakes When Job Hunting

Did you know that 92% of recruiters and companies are using social media to search

03 Dec 2015

5 Secret Job Application Tips That Will Win

This post comes from our experience as recruiters, and as an attempt to tell all

25 Dec 2014

Before You Click ‘Send Your Resume’! Cover Letter

You might spend days and even weeks preparing that perfect resume. However, the manner in