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04 May 2018

HR Essentials – 5 Things to Have in

An HR department is indispensable to an organisation – regardless of how big or small the

25 Apr 2018

Eliminating HR and Recruitment Bias with AI

Some of the biggest challenges in the field of recruitment stem from HR (Human Resources)

13 Mar 2018

Key Employee Engagement Strategies for 2018

For any business to be successful, it must have three things: a robust overall strategy,

25 Jan 2018

Giving Negative Feedback – 5 Methods that Will

It is always difficult to have a conversation about something someone is not doing well

19 Dec 2017

Apps that will Help Your Productivity

It is true that the smart phone today might as well be an extension of

05 Jan 2017

Being a boss your team wouldn’t want to

Now that’s a tough one, right? Not just how to be a “good” boss, but