16 Apr 2018

How AI can Help in Recruitment

In our last post, we spoke about all the reasons why AI can never replace

14 Jan 2016

Five Pointers to Make Your Business Proposal Stand

A Business Proposal or Sales Proposal is often the first strong knock on the doors

27 Jan 2013

Five Sales Performance Metrics Key to Successful Business

Every metric has a story to tell. Dig in over a period of time, break

21 Oct 2012

Five Actions that can make your Sales Forecasts

A good forecaster is not smarter than everyone else, he merely has his ignorance better

14 Oct 2012

Five Ways Sales Operations can Enable Sales Leadership

The job of a sales person is to sell – to focus every minute of

06 May 2012

Business Operations Performance Metrics: Gross Margin – Five

~~The success combination in business is: Do what you do better and do more of